Terry and Melissa-Colorado Wedding Photographer-Karrah Flores Photography

Sometimes the stars align, the heavens open up and give you just what you are wishing for. I made a prayer on the Monday following my visit with the wonderful staff at Wild Basin that I longed for more opportunities to create wedding images for the brides and grooms that chose Wild Basin as their venue. God never disappoints. This is my second wedding at Wild Basin and I’m in love. It was sheer serendipity that this wedding came to me with only 90 minutes to prepare….and an hour drive to the venue. Their photographer had a true family emergency and with such a heavy heart, she wasn’t able to make it. Knowing how upset I would be if that happened to me (either as a photographer OR a bride), I immediately started getting ready and I was out the door, husband and camera equipment in tow and my children under the care of their wonderful grandparents.

Terry and Melissa met over a cup of coffee at Starbucks. They were coworkers and soon realized that the feelings they shared were stronger. Melissa moved on to another line of work so she and Terry could pursue a love they both knew was there. It was only a matter of time before their love became marriage.

Their wedding was sprinkled with trinkets of their love. The centerpieces contained logs and twigs from their hikes together. Their wedding favors were Colorado coffee mugs with Starbucks Coffee in small burlap sacks (the mug has become my new favorite). Their cake, adorned with fresh fruit, was made by a family friend. Even the cork on Terry’s boutonniere was from a special wine bottle they shared. It was beautiful.

Then there was Terry and Melissa. They opted to have a prayer before the ceremony, while still not seeing each other. Wild Basin has a beautiful cabin on their property and after getting everyone in place, they shared an emotional prayer and then headed down to the ceremony location in the meadow. As Melissa walked down the aisle, the emotion and love welled up in both their eyes and there was not a dry eye in the small crowd. They laughed and smiled throughout the ceremony and with excitement and anticipation, kissed as Man and Wife. Though I had only met them 2 hours prior, I felt like I was witnessing a friend’s wedding. It was so beautiful and special. Terry’s gaze never shifted from his wife. Melissa’s beautiful smile never left her face. As the night wore on, they danced with careless abandon and reveled in the women of Melissa’s family as they serenaded the new couple.

What a true honor it was to be there for this couple on their most special day. I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity and am incredibly happy with images that resulted. Please enjoy these images and wish Melissa and Terry all the best in their love and life!

Colorado Wedding Photographer, Karrah Flores, Wild Basin Lodge, Allenspark wedding, bride and groom portrait, rings on bridal bouquet

Colorado Wedding Photographer, Allenspark, Wild Basin, detail images of groom's boutonniere and bride's dress

Colorado Wedding Photographer, Wild Basin Lodge, Karrah Flores Photography, image of bride getting ready, bridal bouquet

Colorado Wedding Photographer, Wild Basin Lodge, Allenspark, Portrait of bride, portrait of groom, detail of flowers at ceremony location
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A Personal Post-Karrah Flores Photography

It’s taken 5 years, a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but I am happy to say I have completed my Bachelor of Science in Photography from the University of Central Florida. The Southeast Center of Photographic Studies has been my second home for 5 years and I’m sad to be leaving the professors, students and staff, but I’m excited for the freedom of no homework, textbooks or class schedules. This last semester, as many semesters, I thought just might kill me, but I made it through.

It gives me great joy to present my thesis film: 206-A Story of Loss

(Best viewed in 1080p)

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Mark’s 40th Birthday Party-Central Florida Event Photographer-Karrah Flores Photography

Oh this family….

This family is who I want my family to be when they grow up. Mark and Natasha are amazing, their kids are amazing and their network of friends is amazing. Did I mention how amazing they are?

It was a privilege to document such a great event at one of the coolest little venues I’ve ever seen. For those of us in the DeLand area, we know all about Florida Victorian and it’s owner, Mark Shuttleworth. Directly behind Florida Victorian is a cute little house that was renovated by Shuttleworth and turned into the DaVinci Design House. This location is home to studio and art spaces as well as an awesome cold press organic juice bar called Beetroot. It’s eclectic feel and beautiful decor made this the perfect place for Mark’s birthday celebration.

The food, oh the food….it was so delicious and beautiful. The folks at Encore Catering of course went above and beyond to create a food selection that made my mouth water. The drink of choice for the night was the Old Fashioned, with a wonderful selection of bourbon to choose from.

Mark was surrounded by friends and family throughout the evening; laughing, smiling and celebrating this great guy. The combined efforts of everyone involved really made this event succeed with it’s comfortable atmosphere, the great use of indoor and outdoor space and the wonderful people who came to celebrate Mark’s birthday. I loved getting to spend time not only creating the images for this event, but also getting to meet new people in the community as well as see friends and acquaintances.

Click on the image to view a slideshow of
Mark’s 40th Birthday Celebration

(Best viewed at 720P HD and if you’re at work, turn your volume down…there’s music!)

Central Florida Event Photographer, Karrah Flores Photography, candid image of guests toasting man at his 40th birthday party


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Nish and Vicky are married!!! Daytona Photography-Karrah Flores Photography

There is something very special about being a couple’s wedding photographer. This is a role that allows me to spend the entire day with the couple, all the moments of their day. I watch as the mother helps her daughter into her wedding gown. The look on the groom’s face as he sees his bride for the first time. The way the bridesmaids laugh with their friend as they get ready for her wedding day. I’m honored they choose me to spend their day with.

Vicky and Nish are a dream come true. They are beautiful, kind, loving and full of joy. Even as the rain came down, minutes before their outdoor ceremony was to start, they were calm and collected. They knew even though their wedding was moved indoors, the important part was they were marrying each other that day. It was beautiful and I’m in love with everything about their day.

Please enjoy these lovely moments from Nish and Vicky’s wedding.

Portrait of bride and groom on wedding day at Shores Resort in Daytona Beach Florida

Detail photograph of rings in floral wreath created by Flowers by Milk and Honey at Shores Resort in Daytona Beach Florida

Detail of handwritten envelopes in floral arrangement created by Flowers by Milk and Honey at Shores Resort in Daytona Beach Florida Continue reading

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The Cone Family-Daytona Portrait Photography-Karrah Flores Photography

I was so glad Michelle got in touch with me. The previous year we had planned to take portraits, but timing and bad weather had other plans. When we were able to get together, the elements fell right into place and the evening was perfect. We had a great time running in the sand, splashing and digging. The girls laughed and chased birds while Mom and Dad watched with smiles on their faces.

I’m so happy to have created these images. It was such a fun evening!

Family Portraits on beach, Daytona, Karrah Flores Photography

Little girls running in the surf on beach, Daytona, Karrah Flores Photography

Family playing on beach during portrait session, Daytona, Karrah Flores Photography Continue reading

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Jesse and Nicole-Central Florida Wedding Photographer-Karrah Flores Photography

Nicole and I have been classmates and friends for years now. She has helped me with many a wedding and is always someone that I just love to chat with. She has a radiant smile, a beautiful personality and a positive attitude that will weather her through anything….even a few surgeries. I don’t know Jesse as well, but what I do know of him, he’s amazing. His personality is magnetic, he’s funny, intelligent and always able to make Nicole light up. They are so sweet together and it is such an honor to be the one to create these images that their children will look back to, when that time comes. I’ve been honored by many people asking me to photograph their wedding, but when it is someone I’ve worked with, there’s something special about that.

I wish Nicole and Jesse all the love in the world, the happiest of lives and all the fortune they can receive. Congratulations you two, wishing you all the best with all my heart.

detail photograph of wedding rings on bridal bouquet, Central Florida wedding photographer, Karrah Flores Photography

Bride and Groom on their wedding day, Central Florida wedding photographer, Karrah Flores Photography Continue reading

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Mark’s 40th Birthday-Central Florida Event Photographer-Karrah Flores Photography

When Natasha contacted me about photographing Mark’s 40th birthday celebration, I was over the moon. They planned on having it at the newly renovated DaVinci Design Studios in downtown DeLand. The house was filled with amazing sculptures from numerous artists and fit so perfectly the personality and style of this wonderful family. Encore Catering handled the event coordination and delicious food, all healthy and visually pleasing selections and the drink of choice poured for the event was Mark’s favorite, Bourbon. Friends and family showered Mark with love and the weather cooperated magnificently, ending the night with a beautiful rich sunset.

It’s such a joy that I was able to celebrate Mark’s birthday with him, his family and friends. They are a magnificent group of people that I’m lucky to call my friends.

Happy Birthday Mark and may you have many more wonderful years with the people who love you!

Central Florida Event Photographer, Karrah Flores Photography, Family portrait before father's 40th birthday party at DaVinci Design Studios in DeLand

Central Florida Event Photographer, Karrah Flores Photography, portrait during man's 40th birthday party at DaVinci Design Studios in DeLand Continue reading

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The Harper Family-Central Florida Portrait Photographer-Karrah Flores Photography

Eli and Ben have been buddies for over half their lifetimes. I adore this family and their fun sense of humor, Eli’s blunt and often hilarious questions and comments, and of course, the strength of family these people share. I’ve watched them go through their hard times and I’ve been lucky enough to witness their family grow from one child to two. It’s been an amazing experience, being friends with the Harper family and it’s always such a joy getting to create portraits of their beautiful family.

Eli is the typical 5 year old boy. Incredibly intelligent, very bouncy and always willing to ham it up for the camera. Nora is the sweetest little 6 month old. She’s full of smiles and has the most adorable chubby cheeks!

Portrait of a little boy taken by Karrah Flores Photography in Ormond Beach, Florida

Portrait of a little girl taken by Karrah Flores Photography in Ormond Beach, Florida Continue reading

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Anthony and Abbey-Central Florida Engagement Session-Karrah Flores Photography

When Abbey scheduled to meet with me about engagement pictures, I was so excited! Abbey is the youngest child of three children and when I heard her love proposed, I secretly hoped and prayed I’d be the one to document her special day. See, her sister (who is my sister in law….and one of my first weddings ever!!!) and then her brother have been former wedding clients and I love this family as my own.

Abbey met Anthony at a wedding and swept her off her feet. They started their romance spanning a handful of states, which has only made their love stronger. On a trip to visit Abbey, we were able to spend an evening with these two and create some amazing imagery. I am so thrilled for their wedding in November and overjoyed to share these images with everyone!

Central Florida Engagement Session by Karrah Flores Photography, couple kissing in Downtown DeLand

Candid photograph of couple laughing in Downtown Deland by Karrah Flores Photography

Couple in a peaceful moment in front of the Old Volusia County Courthouse in Downtown DeLand by Karrah Flores Photography Continue reading

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Terry and Jenifer-Central Florida Wedding Photographer-Karrah Flores Photography

Despite the weather’s attempt to rain on Terry and Jenifer’s day, their wedding was as beautiful as this couple and their love for each other. I am so happy I was there to create this collection of images of their special day.

Click on the image below to view a slideshow of
Terry and Jenifer’s gorgeous wedding

(Best viewed at 1080P HD and if you’re at work, turn your volume down…there’s music!)

Black and White diptych portraits of bride and groom before their wedding during Central Florida wedding

Diptych of bridal gown and brides bouquet with sentimental mini frames hanging from stem

Close up image of wedding bands in hydrangea flower centerpieces at Central Florida wedding Continue reading

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