Real Simple Magazine Layouts for School-Karrah Flores Photography

So the first semester at UCF has been challenging. Juggling my business, my schooling, Sam’s schooling and the boy’s schooling makes me wonder if I’m a little insane. Amazingly, I manage to keep in all in check….though don’t ask my history teacher, she might not agree as much. ;)

For my advanced lighting class, we had choose two items to photograph on a list provided by the professor. I chose salsa and baked goods, immediately thinking of this fabulous fruit salsa recipe and my favorite cheesecake recipe! The assignment was to shoot the image as a magazine cover, leaving space to enter “copy” in later. I chose Real Simple because of their clean layouts and simple designs. I’m glad I went with them, especially after the work that was involved in the W Cover for my DSC Editorial class.

I’m very happy with the way the layouts came out. Have a look for yourself!

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One Response to Real Simple Magazine Layouts for School-Karrah Flores Photography

  1. Shirley Monk says:

    Karrah, you are the most creative person I know!!! Love it. Nina

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