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Stephanie is one of those people you will see over and over again on this site. Her family and I have been connected from the very beginning. Our husbands work at the fire department together, she was only a few doors down from me when my son Ben, and her son, Sidney V was born (Mr. V is two days younger than Ben) and I have had the pleasure of photographing every major event in their lives from their first family portrait to their wedding and now to Stephanie’s maternity portraits.

Stephanie is one of those women that make me jealous. When I was pregnant, I looked like a whale…..Stephanie, as you will see, is gorgeous. She wears pregnancy well. I’m so excited for them to welcome little Stella in the world. It’s been amazing seeing their family grow and I can’t wait for the next addition to be here.

Click on the image to view a slideshow of Stephanie and Stella’s Maternity portrait session

(If you’re at work, turn your volume down…there’s music!)
For those of you on your phones, click here for a link to the youtube video


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