New Name-New Look-Same old Karrah :)

So I’m sure there are a few of you that are wondering why I’ve gone from KD Monk to Karrah Flores….or even where Karrah Flores came from. Some of you know, Flores is my maiden name. Don’t you worry though, I’m still happily married to Sam and he is totally supportive of the name change. Years ago, when we started talking about photography being a career choice for me, we agreed that Flores would be my artist name. Somewhere in the mix, I gravitated towards KD Monk. I liked it because it was a little bit of an homage to my mom, who when I was very young, tried (unsuccessfully) to call me KD. It also shows my love for the entire Monk family, who have been instrumental in my success.

Jump to about 6 months ago. I was discussing my business name and it was expressed to me that KD Monk didn’t quite fit my style of photography. When asked my maiden name, I received a lot of encouragement to change it back to Flores. Not wanting to jump the gun, I contacted a handful of professionals to get their opinion…..and it was unanimous….they all thought Karrah Flores Photography fit me better.

So I contacted Cassandra Poertner to help me rebrand myself. She was amazing to work with and together we created a logo that was without a doubt, who I am. The “K” in my logo, well that’s my handwriting. When I sign notes and cards, I tend to make just a “K” and put a little flower (since flores does mean flower in spanish) with it. She made it beautiful and clean and perfect! I couldn’t have been happier with the final design.

Soon will no longer hold my old business information but will be a site dedicated to my family. I’ll have pictures of my kids, school work and personal work. Everyone is welcome to come visit and see what our crazy family is doing….I might even share a bit or two here with you when my kids are just too obnoxiously cute!

In the meantime, stay tuned for more of the wonderful families and friends I work with at Karrah Flores Photography and thanks for visiting!!!

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