Paige and Ava-Daytona Photography-Karrah Flores Photography

I love Ms. Tammy and her daughters, Paige and Ava. Ava and Sammy were in preschool together and I know Sammy thought very highly of this adorable little girl. Ava and her big sister, Paige, are precious. They are sweet, SO inquisitive and just such beautiful girls.

Ms. Tammy is Ben’s other teacher at preschool and just like Ms. Adrienne, her amazing kindness and love is just as apparent with her children as it is with my children. It was such a huge honor photographing her and her daughters. What a fun girl’s evening out!

Ava giggled her sweet giggle at my horrible jokes (a grace I’m sure she got from her mother) and Paige kept the conversation stimulating, while keeping me on my toes with her intelligent and wildly observant questions. I can’t wait to have them in front of my lens again, turquoise rocking chair poised and ready. :)

Click on the image to view a slideshow of the Paige and Ava’s portrait session

(If you’re at work, turn your volume down…there’s music!)
For those of you on your phones, click here for a link to the youtube video


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