DeLand Fire Department-Karrah Flores Photography

I take an insane amount of pride in what I am about to share with you. My husband is a member of this fine department and he works with a group of amazing men. The union approached me at the beginning of the month, asking me to photograph the three shifts as a gift for their administrator, Ms. Sharon, who was retiring after many years of service. Of course, I wanted to make this special. Ms. Sharon helped me out whenever I asked her anything and she is such a sweet woman.

I’ve worked with the DeLand Fire Department before, mainly shooting for class assignments, but always so happy with the work that came from it. The guys seemed comfortable with me and I am very comfortable with them. This level of comfort helped me create three images that I am so proud of, not only because of who it is, but also for how wonderfully they came out.

The images are presented in order of shift, A, B, and C. Though this is my commercial work, it has a very personal value to me.

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