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Trevor and Crystal-Colorado Wedding Photographer-Karrah Flores Photography

I’ve been waiting for a wedding with the fall colors of Colorado that I love so much….so of course I was very excited for Crystal and Trevor’s Wild Basin Wedding. The day was spent celebrating with love, laughter and a … Continue reading

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Family Time Friday-Karrah Flores Photography-Colorado Portrait and Wedding Photographer

Remember how I mentioned gratuitous photos of cute kids….well here we go! I wanted to share some of my personal images of my own family with everyone because so often it’s other families I’m showcasing. My kids deserve a little … Continue reading

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Terry and Melissa-Colorado Wedding Photographer-Karrah Flores Photography

Sometimes the stars align, the heavens open up and give you just what you are wishing for. I made a prayer on the Monday following my visit with the wonderful staff at Wild Basin that I longed for more opportunities … Continue reading

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Rossie and Chris-Colorado Wedding Photographer-Karrah Flores Photography

It’s been a long time coming, and I’m so happy to share this beautiful wedding with everyone of you! Rossie and Chris’ wedding was amazing. The chance of rain disappeared like a dream and the clouds danced with the mountain … Continue reading

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For my father-Karrah Flores Photography

My father has been an amazing influence in my life. On top of being one snazzy dresser (seriously, look at that denim vest and wide collar dress shirt!), he’s been the person that has stuck beside me through thick and … Continue reading

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I love my sister….

I really do…..but if she ever asks me to do another shot like this again, I may just have to throw my camera battery at her. Just kidding, of course! Rossie found this idea on pinterest from Embrace Life Photography. … Continue reading

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Welton Family-Fort Collins Photography-Karrah Flores Photography

I’m so excited to share with you the portraits I created while in Colorado! This an adorable start to an amazing trip filled with beautiful photographs of amazing people. Dani and I have known each other longer than my husband … Continue reading

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