For my father-Karrah Flores Photography

My father has been an amazing influence in my life.

On top of being one snazzy dresser (seriously, look at that denim vest and wide collar dress shirt!), he’s been the person that has stuck beside me through thick and thin. It may not sound like much, but a single father, raising a little girl is quite an accomplishment.
Image of father and infant daughter, 1978

Thankfully, he was smart and snagged an amazing mom for me and wife for him.
My parents are dorks

He’s introduced my boys to many firsts, such as their first football game:
Sam and Nanu at CSU Rams football game

“Explored” nature with them:
Nanu and Ben by the lake

And showed them how not to sled down a hill:
A lesson on how to not sled down a hill

My father started a softball league for my sister, which in turn has helped so many girls stay out of trouble and pave the way for opportunities in their lives:
Nanu during softball game

My boys have learned many valuable lessons, such as not sitting in the toe jam:
Sammy and Grandparents sitting on toe sculpture

And the importance of holding your glasses between your teeth while you talk:
Nanu and Ben at TBall game

In all seriousness, he’s a man my boys look up to. He’s respected and loved by the people who know him and above all, he’s a fighter. He’s a champion for those who need him and one of the hardest working people I know.
Portrait of Grandfather with his two grandsons
I love you Dad! Happy Father’s Day

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