Amy and Garon-Central Florida Wedding Photographer-Karrah Flores Photography

When I first met Amy, she was doing the hair of one of my early brides, Kristy. I remember thinking, “she’s adorable….I wonder if she’s married?” As the years went on, I saw her and her family at various weddings and I always hoped and wondered if I would ever get to photograph her. Jump to a couple years ago….the girl that had been doing my hair was just getting too busy and it was a logical time for me to transition to Amy. She had recently moved to the A list Salon, which was right downtown and only minutes from my doorstep.

And then I learned about Garon. Garon, at the time was an umpire. If you know anything about my family…..we are a baseball family. I have nothing but respect for a guy who willingly goes onto a baseball field to call a fair game regardless of the opinions of over zealous fans. We’re in little league and we have over zealous fans….just imagine a Minors game. Then I discovered he’s from Nebraska….and Nebraska is close enough to Colorado to be considered cool, especially when this Nebraskan is a Broncos fan. So I liked Garon immediately.

I found out about Amy and Garon’s engagement the way most people find out anything nowadays…..on Facebook. So I started saying a little prayer, “Please let Amy choose me to create her wedding collection….please let her choose me.” God was obviously listening.

It’s wonderful to photograph a wedding with people that you consider friends. Between the soft December rain, Amy’s eye to detail, the gorgeous color and texture combinations of her decor, the dresses, the tuxes, the amazing reception lighting and DJ put on by G & G Entertainment, the stunning flowers by Julia’s Floral Designs and the always fabulous cake by Bliss Pastry (seriously, the cinnamon cake….I wanted to take the entire thing home!), it was a perfect event. Please enjoy these images as much as I do and thank you Amy and Garon for allowing me to be a part of such a remarkable evening!


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Michael and Rylee-Karrah Flores Photography-Central Florida Wedding Photographer

When Rylee and Michael started planning their wedding, I started getting messages from my other couples.

“Are you photographing Rylee’s wedding?”
“Please tell me Rylee booked you!”

…and so on.

When Joe Hearn from Joe Hearn Events contacted me about my availability, I immediately knew this was the couple everyone had been talking about. Rylee and Michael are awesome. Michael is quiet, but with a quick wit and a willingness to do anything for his bride….even take a plunge in frigid waters for a picture. Rylee is full of energy and sass….between the raised eyebrow and the contagious laugh, I knew this was going to be an amazing wedding.

Their wedding was held at the gorgeous Delamater House and couldn’t have been a more perfect day. The girls sipped mimosas and laughed as they got ready, the guys hung out and enjoyed a few beers before they headed to the venue. The sun was in perfect position as time came for the ceremony to start and all the joyous emotion spread from Michael and Rylee’s faces to all their guests.

Then the party started. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but teachers…in my experience…can throw down like no one else I know. Rylee, Michael and their friends and family definitely proved that. The night was filled with dancing, laughter, lots of hugs and a few cocktails that produced timeless expressions. It was a great night and so perfectly ended with a bubble exit surrounded by friends and family!

I am so excited to share these images with everyone! Rylee and Michael, here’s to years of happiness and love!


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Trevor and Crystal-Colorado Wedding Photographer-Karrah Flores Photography

I’ve been waiting for a wedding with the fall colors of Colorado that I love so much….so of course I was very excited for Crystal and Trevor’s Wild Basin Wedding. The day was spent celebrating with love, laughter and a few happy tears. It was a gorgeous, perfect day. The sky was clear, the temperature was just a little cool, but the sun warmed everyone up nicely. The guys swapped stories and jokes as the ladies got ready to make their hard work a reality. Even little Carter smiled for the camera when needed and assisted his mom down the aisle as they started their journey as a part of the Dinovo family. It was a magical day! Thank you Trevor, Crystal and Carter for letting me be a part of this lovely day. <3


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Kyle and Mallory-Central Florida Wedding Photographer-Karrah Flores Photography

Mallory and Kyle met in high school, but it took a bit for them to realize they were meant for each other. It was one faithful trip to the Magic Kingdom when Kyle got down on one knee and asked Mallory for a Happily Ever After.

This wedding was touched with so many adorable Disney themed decorations. Tables were adorned with silhouettes of various Disney characters from the steadfast Mickey and Minnie to princesses and Olaf! The popcorn bar was stocked with many different flavors, including wedding cake and everything was bathed in a lovely orchid hue. The DJ got the crowd on their feet and though Mallory and Kyle aren’t big dancers, they got down with guests during their dollar dance, Mallory even taking a moment to honor her Gators.

The rain gave us a final image of the night, wrapping up a gorgeous day celebrating these two darling people!

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Colleen and Brett-Central Florida Wedding Photographer-Karrah Flores Photography

I met Brett and his kids for the first time a few years ago while they were visiting from Nebraska. His parents and sister wanted to do a full family portrait, and I had been the go to photographer for their family in the past. I was so happy with the results and apparently I made a good impression. Jump a few years to Brett finding the woman of his dreams, Colleen.

When I was asked to photograph their intimate beach wedding, I was honored. Colleen and Brett are gorgeous together and their family is as beautiful as they are. I’m so happy that all the stars aligned, the clouds parted and these two amazing people were able to have a gorgeous wedding at the Hammock Beach Resort without a drop of rain, despite the weatherman’s prediction it would come down on them! The evening even gave them a beautiful sunset and a memory of an amazing evening surrounded by people that love them so much.

Congratulations and happy 1 month anniversary Colleen and Brett!

Detail photograph of wedding rings placed in special wedding gift signed by family during wedding reception

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Daniel and Jen-Central Florida Wedding Photographer-Karrah Flores Photography

Jen and Daniel dreamed of a wedding on the beach, something completely different than the mountains that surround them in Colorado. When they contacted me about their upcoming nuptials, I was very excited for them. They are adorable together.

They made it to Florida and got to experience a true Florida summer afternoon….a brief, but powerful rainstorm that moved their wedding indoors, followed by beautiful sun and a substantial drop in the temperature….perfect for portraits on the beach. The clouds cleared as their adorably detailed beach chic themed wedding reception started and the sunset was the same coral and turquoise as their decorations.

They were troopers, not once stressing over the change of plans caused by mother nature. They focused on each other and the intimate group of family and friends that joined them, making their day as perfect as can be. The rains were the blessing for a long and happy life together. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Posey!

Bridal portrait on beach in Central Florida by Karrah Flores Photography

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V & Ph-Central Florida Wedding Photographer-Karrah Flores Photography

This couple is amazing. Both men are strong believers in the arts, they have a passion for music and dance and they have friends that would travel from all over this beautiful world to be a part of a celebration so beautiful and touching.

When I met these two gentlemen, I adored them instantly. They shared a deep and obvious love for each other and showered their darling puppies with adoration. We created their engagement portraits at their new home and spoke of the wedding day with excitement and joy.

It was a beautiful summer day in Florida. The sun shone down on them and friends and family gathered before the ceremony to share in the festivities and witness the signing of the Ketubah. They laughed and reminisced of moments past and the couple shared glances and moments as they prepared for their wedding.

The ceremony was something to behold. Vocalists, poets and pianists shared their talents with the invited guests and the couple. Music filled the room and V even serenaded his future husband with a song as well. Ph listened with a look of pure joy on his face as his future husband played. Treasured guests spoke the Seven Blessings, the tallit was wrapped around the grooms, the glasses were broken and these two amazing men became husbands.

The reception was held at their home and it couldn’t be more perfect. Joe Hearn Events, as always, did an amazing job with set up of the adorable Opera house themed tables and nothing could stop this party from happening. The band played traditional Jewish songs as well as many wonderful pieces to dance to and everyone was involved in the fun. Even their puppies danced a few dances with their parents. It was a perfect day.

It was such an honor to be the one to create these images for this couple. I look forward to the future and all it holds for these two amazing people.

Detail photograph of grooms rings on Ketubah before same sex wedding in Central Florida

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Jeff and Jamie-Colorado Wedding Photographer-Karrah Flores Photography

It’s such a joy getting to work in one of my favorite places. When Jamie contacted me about her wedding at Wild Basin Lodge, I was so excited. She explained her “Rustic Nerd” vision, a combination of the natural wood that adorned the Basin and Jeff and Jamie’s love for all things nerd. This included Harry Potter, Star Wars, Doctor Who, just to name a few. I was so curious how it would all fall into place and man did it ever!

Jeff and Jamie are so full of personality, which made our time together so entertaining. Jeff would interchange beautiful portraits of him and his new bride with hilarious expressions, making my editing process a wonderful challenge. They embraced the soft rain as their ceremony started, using the collection of umbrellas the Basin keeps on hand. It was the perfect type of rain, soft and mild….and only lasting about 20 minutes!!! Throughout the day, they enjoyed their time together with family and close friends. They danced, laughed and told amazing stories of their time together, including the story of how Jamie met Jeff….which is definitely my favorite story so far.

Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Konrady for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day!

Portrait of bride and groom at Wild Basin Lodge by Karrah Flores Photography in Colorado(Remember to click on the images to see them in all their full size glory!!!)

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Ryan and Melissa-Central Florida Wedding Photographer-Karrah Flores Photography

There’s something special about these two. They have been together for over a decade, since they were kids. Ryan and Melissa grew up together and their friendship developed into a love that no one can deny.

On the day they chose to take the next step in their lives, all the stars aligned and day was as perfect as anyone could ask for. It was a beautifully cool March day in Central Florida….a soft breeze blew as the sun shined down on the St. John’s River. Melissa spent the morning being pampered while her family surrounded her, showering her with love. Ryan was among his friends and family, enjoying conversation and laughter.

Then it was time for Ryan to see his bride as he took his place at the altar. She came into sight, her parents on her arms and a smile on her face as they saw each other for the first time. Ryan’s face lit up and everyone could see there was no denying their love for each other.

Through happy tears and smiles, they spoke their vows to each other and then they were declared man and wife. It was a beautiful moment and such an honor that I not only got to experience it first hand, but also was chosen to create these images that will forever be a part of the history of Mr. and Mrs. Ryan and Melissa Flesch.

Congratulations Melissa and Ryan. I’m so happy you two have found your happily ever after!

Detail photograph of wedding bands on bridal shoes in Central Florida

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Garon and Amy-Central Florida Wedding Photography-Karrah Flores Photography

I’ve known Amy for a few years now and I’ve always thought she is adorable. She’s an amazing hairstylist (have you seen my blue hair recently? Thank her. <3 ) and a darling person. Every time I’ve worked with her on a wedding or photo shoot, our subjects have the most perfect and sustainable style.

I only recently really was introduced to Garon and I can see why they are crazy about each other. They are super cute, full of energy and excitement and love. Garon is a professional umpire, a job I’m sure takes a very thick skin and a true love for baseball (which anyone who knows me knows….our family lives baseball).

We stayed local for their engagement session, enjoying the beautiful character Downtown DeLand has to offer. We got so lucky with a beautiful sunset, perfectly mild weather and even a vintage truck! They are such a cute couple and I’m so excited to share these images with everyone!!! Remember you can click on the images to scroll through them in their full size glory!

Engagement session in downtown DeLand by Karrah Flores Photography

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